Privacy Policy


All recipe data entered into the Kohldampf app is stored on your device and – if your device is logged into iCloud – synced to iCloud. The app does not transfer any data to me or third parties, besides Apple, in case that iCloud is enabled. You can prevent that the data you enter into the app touches any server by logging your device out of iCloud.


This website does not include code from third parties, and it does not store cookies or other data when you visit the page. Netlify hosts this website. Netlify is compliant with data protection law - no visitor information is accessible to Netlify besides the unavoidable transmission of your IP address when opening the website. According to Netlify, this information is stored for 30 days and required to reliably serve the website.


When you contact me for support, personal information like your email address and other information you voluntarily chose to share with me (like your name, your device, logs) will be transferred to me. I’ll only use that information to provide support, and cannot provide support without that information. You may at any point in time request what information I have, and the correction or deletion of personal information you shared with me.